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    The numerology number 69 plays an important role in the vision that my brand represents. It is the number of idealism, family, harmony, health, and compassion. My love for this earth and everything inside of it can be characterized by each one of these ideas. A world filled with harmony is the only world I allow myself to see. 


    I would like everybody to understand the importance of this symbol. It is personified as a philosopher and an idealist. Somebody who determines the ideal way of living and sticks to it, but is also open to alternate views that have the ability to increase ones way of life.  


    Rome Apparel 69 opens up the world to people from across the planet through its accepting mindset and focused vision. A healthy lifestyle is one that is trumped by equality among peers of any location. When digging into each idea that this number represents, I see a reflection of my vision for this brand. 


    Myself, and Rome Apparel 69, represent a sense of harmony across all sides of the spectrum. The compassion I share for this world, and the cultures it holds, is unmeasurable.