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    Rome Apparel 69 supports the National Brain Tumor Society



    My fight against brain tumors stems from an extremely personal, family-oriented experience that had occurred in my life. I am dedicated to helping this organization in finding a cure through aiding research and development. Rome Apparel 69 reflects the motive to better all lives that are affected by brain tumors. This is a cause that I hold at heart. I wish for you to take a journey with me, share the love, and give to a cause that truly matters.

    A percentage of the proceeds made from Rome Apparel 69 are donated to the National Brain Tumor Society to help tackle this cause. In addition, ALL proceeds from my books and subsequent books will be donated to the society.

    Books are available HERE.

    I cannot stress the importance of this enough, as it has affected my life and others deeply. Through my brand, I intend to raise awareness of the National Brain Tumor Society in order to support and better the lives of many. This is a fight that directly or indirectly might affect you and or a loved one, so please join me in giving to a meaningful cause.

    I deeply encourage you to please look at the National Brain Tumor Society website and educate yourself about this incredible charity. Together we can work towards finding a cure and making this world healthier and happier for all of its inhabitants! 

    National Brain Tumor Society

    Take a journey, share the love, and give to a cause!

    - Rome H. Geragonis