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    My name is Rome H Geragonis, and I personally would like to consider myself a “global citizen.” I was born in Greece but took my first solo flight at the age of 24 months from Switzerland to New York. I believe I provide an insightful outlook on life and what life provides. I have a strong fascination for travel and anything travel related, which is why I share my view on life through photographs and the Rome Apparel 69 clothing line. To truly live, one must submerse themselves in different cultures and accept the gifts life has to offer. Living is about laughter, fun, food, joy, and a desire to learn. Exploring different cultures is the keystone to living as a global citizen.


    When it comes to exploration, every corner delivers a new dimension, another journey, and a memorable adventure. My passion and drive is to immerse people to the world simply and elegantly. The earth and all its wonders are truly magical. 


    This high-end apparel is a way to share my outlook on life. One of the treasures that traveling bestows is bringing home what you have experienced, and recreating it. My clothing line is a way of showcasing my passion for this world we live in. I want people to feel as if they are a global citizen when wearing this finely crafted apparel that is made with precision using only top-quality materials. Each individual article of clothing is designed to remind one of the earths beauty, and all of the opportunity that it holds.


    Here at Rome Apparel 69, I set forth my focus on accepting this life on earth and all the gifts it offers. I am thoroughly excited to present my view on life through this brand. I have a vision to open up the world to all of my peers. So please, open up your mind and take this journey with me, wear the brand and endorse the vision behind it. 


    Say Hello to The World...

    “You’ve Got to See It”



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    Ultra Travel Service, Boston, Ma.