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    Journey Reviews

    Singapore Airlines "Unique Touch"

    Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines "Unique Touch"


    Today I have decided to give my airline review a little twist of different.



    We all rave about the caviar, champagne, recline of a seat, lighting, storage space, personal minibars and the whole sort. However, if we look a little closer what matters in creating a memorable experience and a loyal customer is to penetrate our hippocampus which forms a long term memory.


    To stimulate that part of the brain we need unique “passager engagement.”  One avenue that could be explored is creating an amenity kit that is actually of value and strategically filled with products that enhance that experience. I will post the highlights (photographs) that In which I experienced throughout my journey but I will focus more on people engagement (crew) more so than the aspects of flying a given carrier.


    Upon arriving at Changi Airport for my “Suite Class” to check-in for my flight to Zurich, I approached the SQ counter and was directed to check-in at the First Class private room which I was given directions to.


    Upon walking around the airport with no First Classroom in site, I approached another SQ staff, and again a pointed finger directed me to a specific direction. { Customer engagement failure } twice already.


    Walking around another 10 minutes, I walked up to Qatar Airways counter, and that individual walked me over to the SQ First Class private check-in room.{excellent example of customer engagement }.



    While in the SQ check-in I patiently waited for 10 minutes in front of 4 check-in desks that were empty while employees played with their phones { lack of customer engagement }.


    With my luggage and handbag dropped in front of desks I walked outside of the terminal and asked the curbside agent if someone can assist in checking me in.


    The agent did apologize, but at this point an apology was meaningless.


    I was told that I “cannot" check my bags all the way to my final destination and only when I argued with him did he turn to ask the supervisor which she replies “of course.”


    From that point on I have to say the Singapore Airlines customer engagement which they are so fabled for in the industry started to flourish…


    I was escorted through the private immigration formalities and on to the “Private Room Lounge“ where a whole army of staff was on hand to assist in every way possible.


    A lite bite was welcomed in the A la carte dining room while enjoying a few glasses of Krug.




    After spending a few hours in the lounge, it was time to head to the gate which I was escorted.




    Upon stepping on board and handing the flight attendant my boarding pass, I was addressed by my surname and from this point on the SQ service shined.


    The bottles of Krug were popped and free-flowing throughout the flight.




    Flight attendants were empathetic, engaging and most courteous. The inflight supervisor introduced himself and explanations from dinning, flight time, turbulence if expected, preference for sleeping everything and anything was so meticulously explained.



    Inflight catering was orchestrated like a beautiful ballet but with an open script that can be manipulated ( or rewritten )to a passengers profile. Customer engagement was personalized, heartwarming and sincere.





    No question or concern was ever too much of a task or a burden.


    Passenger privacy was respected but at the same time engaging.




    The crew was professional, and every passenger was treated according to their needs.





    Ten hours passed gracefully - Flight attendants were never congregating in the galley, and when you did approach for any reason you were always greeted with a smile and sense of caring.


    All crew was groomed as if they were on a runway fashion show, never did they let jet lag and long hours of duty affect their professionalism.




    Customer engagement on this particular flight was exceptional, with many unique memories embedded in my brain.


    This is an excellent example of securing a loyal customer.


    Life is a journey, enjoy the adventure.


    Rome H Geragonis

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